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The interest stirred up by the Illustrators Exhibit in the Argentinean
stand during the 2004 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, along with its positive commercial outcome (for the first time Argentinean editors sold their book’s copyrights to foreign publishers), drove the Fair organizers to offer Argentina
the possibility of being this year’s Guest of Honor.
Later negotiations by the Foro de Ilustradores Argentina in the Bratislava Biennial, the Minimondi Festival of Parma and the 2005, 2006, and 2007
Bologna Children’s Book Fair editions, resulted in the selection of a date for this long-awaited event in 2008.
A new executive-institutional work then began for the Forum and Argentinean children’s books. In the field of foreign affairs, we rely on the essential support of the Argentinean Secretariat of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Exportar Foundation. For domestic affairs, the Forum has built a relationship with other national institutions suchasCEDILIJ,ALIJA,theArgentinean Book Chamber, every children’s books publishing house in the country, and a variety of private companies, entering into agreements in orderto carry out this undertaking.Thus, Argentina is confirmed as the Guest of Honor and the Illustrators. Here is the catalogue with some of my illos.

giraluna copy
“Giraluna (Moonflower)” cover book. Client: Planeta / Pequeño emecé
Witten by Eduardo Gudiño Kieffer.
This beautiful book tells the story of a sunflower that is not tall enough to bask in the sunlight. It is only at night, when his fellow sunflowers are bowed in sleep, that he can raise his petals up to the light from the sky. He soon discovers he is a Moonflower. It makes me proud to be the
illustrator for this reissue.
Eduardo Gudiño Kieffer was part of the latin american literature boom of the 1960s.
Because of his works, mainly about Buenos Aires, and thanks to the support of countless friends, he was named “Ciudadano Ilustre de la Ciudad” (Distinguished Citizen of Buenos Aires).
He died in Buenos Aires in 2002.

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