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Fernet Branca Arte Unico
I won the second prize for the Fernet Branca Arte Unico poster contest and now my illustrations are part of the Fratelli Branca permanent poster collection. Arte Unico exhibition took place in Alvear Hotel and will be touring by such greatest places like Museo Castagnino, Centro Cultural Konex and Museo Caraffa.

nana castagnino1

Trimarchi TMDG
TMDG is a graphic design event that for its large audience has been pointed out as the greatest one in Latin America. It has also been addressed by international media as the design event with the largest number of spectators in the world. Some of my work were exhibited including a few disney distorts on their walls.
tmdg gente
tmdg mural
tmdg big illo
tmdg mural gral
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank is an collection of piggy characters and custom designs from artists from over 37 different countries.
The exhibition was held at the Marrs Bar, Calle Los Gatos 4, Benidorm – Spain. The idea for this exhibition was to create the biggest collection of pigs in the world.
piggy mural
piggy mujer
piggy toys
MUVID, Music + Video + Design, takes place annually in Santa Fe, Argentina, bringing together leading graphic designers, photographers, animators, illustrators and digital artists from all over the country, offering interesting conferences about contemporary concepts and trends in design.
The 2-day conference ended in a great party, with DJs and VJs.
MUVID provides an important platform for both established professionals and students.

muvid gente arriba
muvid gente
Pictoplasma Bunny Mandala
Berlin based character organisation Pictoplasma organised a global bunny drawing project & 2 exhibitions. No other living creature features as heavily in contemporary character design and art as the humble hare. But what exactly makes bunnies so irresistible to artists, designers and illustrators worldwide? Depending on the viewers’ cultural context rabbits can symbolise anything from insanity, alertness, defencelessness, all the way to promiscuity, magic powers and utter innocence. By condensing the endless variations of the rabbit motif into one ultimate system – a perfect bunny mandala – the true nature of the beast emerges: the eternal essence of rabbit.
bunny mnadala
bunny mandaal muestra

Fin de Mundo
Fin de Mundo is such a great tiny mag based in Cordoba, Argentina.
I was featured on the “Babylon on fire” issue.
Visit Fin de mundo
finde mundo dj fin mundo revistitas finde mundo dj2 revista frente revista interior

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