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I won the second prize for the Fernet Branca Arte Unico poster contest and now my illustrations are part of the Fratelli Branca permanent poster collection. Arte Unico exhibition took place in Alvear Hotel and will be touring by such greatest places like Museo Castagnino, Centro Cultural Konex and Museo Caraffa.

arroz con leche 3 72 copy
Rice pudding!. I like it with cinnamon, lemon and milk jan or condensed milk. Rice pudding is mentioned frequently in literature of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, typically in the context of a cheap, plain, familiar food, often served to children or invalids.

nina ataca arthur copy
As you must note Nina hates Arthur.
pitta valla
Lucila,our from Barcelona was very kindly to take pictures of the billboards I have done for Bimbo Pittas bread.
pera asiatica good72 copy
Nashi pear and semi-bitter chocolate are must for dessert time.
I adore the classic pear and chocolate combination, delicious!
Luckily Nina dislikes chocolate.

catalogo bologna2 copy
Argentineans, through the Foro de Ilustradores Argentina, come to
Bologna as Guests of Honor. The interest stirred up by the Illustrators Exhibit in the Argentinean stand during the 2004 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, along with its positive commercial outcome (for the first time Argentinean editors sold their book’s copyrights to foreign publishers), drove the Fair organizers to offer Argentina the possibility of being this year’s Guest of Honor. Here are my illos featured in the catalogue .

panqueques copy
Milk jam pankakes are Nina Kodama’s weakness…
nina lampara 72 copy
hmm..smell like someone is cooking milk jam pankakes!
ruso pera2 copy
We bought this Henry Rousseau book and now it inmediately turn into my bedside book. Rousseau is one of the most influential painter for the nowadays illustrators, mainly on those focused on picture books.
I can put my finger on Pieter Brueghel and El Bosco too but Henry let us know that there is no teacher other than nature.
nina asoma
Let me introduce you Nina Kodama. You can make her happy just by feeding she with chip lays,cream chesse and milk jam.So lovely.
unicenter interior
Billboard, poster and flyers I have done for Unicenter Shoppings and BBDO Argentina during xmas time. Barbie, Fisher Price and Hot wheels were the great sponsors supporting the campaign.

basura china copy
When I eat sweets I always buy the double of every candy, one for eat and the other one to collect.
Unfortunately sugar confectionery diminish as the time pass by. They turn so sticky, soft and slimy that there is nothing but throw it out.

Marc Brown’s Arthur character is one of my favorites.The names of his two sons, Tolon and Tucker, have been hidden in all of the Arthur books except for one. He also has a daughter named Eliza, whose name appears hidden in at least one book. I bought this wooden toy for only 4 dollars.

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